Just in case you are curious about how this company all got started... Here is the story..

Years ago, around 1997 (in California), I , along with a couple of people in the office, decided to make some candles and soaps for Christmas baskets for our friends... It started with gel candles and glycerin soaps..

After the holiday, it just expanded. I broke off and began my journey into the world of soaps and candles. I learned about soy and its qualities. I began working with soy due to the cleanliness qualities that it had and the fragrance it will allow. That soon became my most popular product.

I was enjoying myself so much, I then began to sell my product at craft shows and other venues. I then began to dabble with goats milk soap and found that the qualities of the soap were sumptuous. I began to get a little more upscale and starting buying expensive molds for my soaps and candles.

I then began to work with soy as votive and other stand alone candles.. and it keeps going..

I am currently doing not only craft shows, I have a line for horror/comic venues and I do several venues in Lexington and in Louisville catering to those customers.

I am currently in the Louisville Arts Guild and in the Oldham County Arts Guild for my work with my soaps and candles.

I venue in shows from Fort Wayne to Lexington. I enjoy going to the shows and having repeat customers come to me and say, "I have been looking for you. I bought your product and loved it. I am here for some more.."

I take pride in my work that I do making my soaps and candles.

And it all started in California making candle/soap baskets for Christmas....